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Diploma of Leadership & Management – BSB51918

Diploma Overview

Whether you are a supervisor, team leader or department manager, being successful as a manager requires a unique set of leadership and supervisory skills. This program provides the people management, personal development and workplace technical skills that are vital for advancement in the aviation industry.

The Diploma of Leadership & Management is a nationally recognised qualification that provides participants with skills and knowledge essential to become an effective manager and leader. The program also offers participants the opportunity to gain leadership, quality and safety management skills which are vital in today’s industry. This aviation-specific program has been structured to meet industry requirements and offers a unique insight into the role of management within the aviation industry. The structure of this course offers flexibility and the opportunity to juggle work and personal commitments and tailor your studies to suit your needs.

Case Study: Jack – XYZ Inc. Director, tells us about his experience with Southpac Aerospace's inspiring approach and passion to auditing.
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We understand how confusing it can be to work out what units to study. Our aim is to provide more than just units of competencies. We aim to provide packages that are aviation contextualised, flexible, personalised and includes the latest in research. Our quality training packages aim to provide an educational package that benefits you, your organisation and adds value to the industry as a whole. With that in mind, we have designed a range of our most popular course options. The list of study options for the Diploma of Leadership & Management is not exhaustive. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your study goals.

In order to achieve the Diploma of Leadership & Management, 12 Units of Competency must be successfully completed.  Here are our most popular pathways. Click on the diagram for links to view each course. 

Download Our Popular Diploma of Leadership & Management Pathways PDF Here

Our Stepping Stone Approach

We are proud of our Stepping Stone Approach to make the process of obtaining a Southpac Aerospace diploma as easily and quickly as possible. Every student comes to us with a variety of reasons to study and that’s why we encourage participants to extend their learning as far as possible. We offer three unique but interconnected diplomas to enhance and improve your career opportunities. By completing a Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) with 24 units of competency, you’ll also obtain a Diploma of Leadership and Management (12 units of competency) and a Diploma of Quality Auditing (8 units of competency) along the way, gaining more qualifications in less time.

Alt: stepping stone approach graphic to our diplomas

Sometimes students come to us with prior training qualifications or are looking to take their training to the next level.  With that in mind, there are study options to assist your professional development.

1.Units of Competency

Its great to know you can use other units of competency towards your Diploma.  After successfully completing the Advanced Management and Leadership Course  you can apply all 6 units of competency towards the Diploma of Leadership & Management.

2.Skill Set Career Pathways

The Australian Department of Education and Training has found certain skills sets can compliment your Diploma Qualifications and are highly regarded by industry.  These industry recognised skill set components could be used as a valuable add-on to your existing qualification or even as a pathway to your career in the Aviation Safety Management space.  If you achieve the full Diploma of Aviation Management (AVI50119) you will automatically qualify for the following two skill sets;

1.AVISSOOO71 Aviation Risk Management Skill Set Components

AVIFOO26 | Implement aviation risk management processes
AVIFOO27 | Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes

2.AVISS00072 Aviation Safety Management Skill Set Components

AVIFOO26 | Implement aviation risk management processes
AVIFOO27 | Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes
AVIFOO28 | Manage aviation risk
BSBAUD501 | Initiate a quality audit
BSBMGT517 | Manage operational plan

For more information on the meaning of skill sets, please click here.

3.Higher Education

This course is aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework.  The AQF ensures consistency and national recognition of each qualification.  The Diploma of Leadership & Management qualification is a level 5 of the 10 levels in the AQF framework.  Therefore, this Diploma satisfies pathways to higher education training.

There are no prerequisites for this course.  There are pathway options for this Diploma which includes the Study Pathways or see above.

To enrol in the Diploma of Leadership & Management, start any time with any course from the Diploma. Courses do not need to be completed in a particular order.

The list of courses that contribute to the Diploma of Leadership & Management can be viewed in the Popular Pathways section.

Diploma Costs 

The cost of the Diploma of Leadership & Management will vary depending on the courses you choose to make up the 12 units of competency to achieve the Diploma.

This depends on the individual pathway you choose based on your study needs or areas of interest, or any previous courses you have attended with Southpac or another training provider, provided the correct units of competency have been achieved.

Start Dates

You can start the Diploma of Leadership & Management at any time by enrolling in an available course date for any course that contributes to the Diploma. 

Payment is not taken as part of the course enrollment process, however an invoice will be issued to you on enrollment, so it is important that you have the necessary approvals to complete a course before enrolling.

Southpac Aerospace offers training facilitation through Face to Face or in our LLVC, our Live Learning Virtual Classroom.  We also offer distance learning and online courses which allows flexibility of training.  However, our mission is to offer our participants the most comprehensive level of training.  We have found that this is best served during Face to Face or LLVC interaction.  Our training and assessments are competency-based.  Examinations are conducted through open-book + both theory and practical exercises.  Participants are required to attend all units, workshop-based classes and activities – in full.  Any additional activities and modalities are designed to improve the applicability to industry and work.

The needs and requirements for every business will be different.  This is why Southpac can tailor courses to benefit your individual operational circumstances or training requirements. Southpac is able to offer you an in-house Diploma of Leadership & Management program that is based on a combination of our standard and publicly available courses or builds a bespoke solution specifically for your organisation.  Contact us for further information!

We Are A Nationally Recognised Training Organisation

Southpac Aerospace – ID32353  is approved to meet standards set for RTO training.  Our organisation is consistently reviewing and improving our course material through participant feedback and internal review processes.  This framework ensures you are receiving the highest standard of training within the industry.

Specialists in Aviation Safety and Quality

When it comes to aviation management systems and aviation SMS training we are the specialists. All of our courses have been developed with the needs of the industry in mind. Each of our courses is delivered by a professional with vast aviation experience. Our trainers aim to ensure you receive current, relevant and informative training that will benefit both yourself and your organisation.  We have trained over 6000 quality and safety management personnel over the past decade making us the largest aviation safety training provider in the region.

We provide you with

  • Highly trained and engaged facilitators to make the most of your study,
  • Training aligned with industry standards, workplace requirements and skill sets,
  • Resources and materials that may include workbooks, guides and/or slides.
  • Ongoing support for developing your career pathways!
  • Understand what your qualification means – ASQA
  • Know your rights when buying a training course in Australia – Queensland Government 
  • Research your course to ensure the type of qualification meets industry standards – ACCC
  • Research Diploma of Quality Auditing qualification details – www.training.gov.au
  • An easy way to find and understand job opportunities – Job Outlook

Contact us now to enquire about achieving the Diploma of Leadership & Management with Southpac Aerospace.

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