Aviation Safety Management Systems
Training Program Overview

Southpac aims to provide the most comprehensive Aviation SMS training programs in the region. Our SMS offering provides a number of options ranging from a basic introduction to aviation SMS through to a comprehensive 5-day Aviation Safety Management Systems Course. These Aviation SMS Training Program courses aim to not only provide the vital underpinning knowledge required to understand the SMS but also to develop the key skills required to implement and maintain the system on a day to day basis. Our Aviation SMS Training Program Course options include:

Why Choose Southpac?

Southpac are specialists in management systems for the aviation industry. We have built a team of passionate professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Not only is our training specifically designed for the needs of the industry, most courses are also nationally recognised and provide credit towards our AVI50119 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) and BSB50920 Diploma of Quality Auditing qualifications.

In-house Customisation

Whether you are you a small maintenance organisation or a large airline, we can customise our courses to meet your specific requirements. Just some examples of in-house customisation include;

  • Greater focus on maintenance vs. implementation or vice versa
  • Using your organisation’s policies and procedures as part of the training including risk, audit and investigation protocols
  • Facilitated workshops aimed at “problem areas”
  • Using your de-identified safety reports and incidents as case studies
  • Specific focus on areas of concern
  • Packaging with other complementary courses i.e. Management & leadership, OHS, QMS or Internal Auditing

Safety Management Systems courses by Southpac Aerospace

Complementary Courses

We offer a number of highly complementary training courses that will enhance the capabilities and skills of your safety systems team. Complementary courses include;

Southpac aims to be in a “one stop shop” in terms of aviation Safety, Quality and Management training. Contact us now to discuss your training needs.

Need to meet CASR Part 119 requirements?

Understand the changes coming into effect for air transport operators from December 2021, what you’ll need to have in place, and when.

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