Emergency Response Plan Course

Emergency Response Plan Course

Prepare for threats | Be confident to respond


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2 Days

Duration: 2-days
Delivery: Blended (Online and face-to-face learning)
Cost: TBA
Date: 19 – 20 May 2020

Course Overview

Disaster can strike your organisation at any time. You face many threats every day, including aviation incidents, natural disasters, technology, process, infrastructure failures, industrial actions and so on.

If you don’t prepare for events like these, the impact on your organisation exponentially increases. We see examples of unprepared organisations regularly on the news – the significant adverse financial, operational, reputational and legal consequences they suffer.   The ICAO Safety Management Manual indicates that aviation/airport operators must consider a wide range of emergency scenarios, including emergency responses to accidents/incidents, but also business continuity, security, and/or quality-related emergency situations.

Just having a plan is not enough, however. The plan needs to be well practised and tested, which is why exercises are so valuable.  Exercising your plan is crucial to confirming your plans are effective, to build the competency and confidence of staff to respond, and to confirm all information is up-to-date.  Conducting exercises also builds relationships with stakeholders and increases their confidence in your organisation.

Recognition of Training

This course is part of the Diploma of Aviation Management. Upon successful completion of this course, including all assessments, participants will receive a statement of attainment.

  • Natioanlly Recognised training from Southpac AerospacePUAEMR031 Design emergency management exercises
  • PUAEMR008B Contribute to an emergency risk management process



Who Should Attend?

  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Assurance Officers
  • Safety Investigators
  • WHS Officers
  • Corporate, flight operations, maintenance or ground operations
  • Any persons involved in or supporting an emergency response plan

Course Overview

This is a blended course where the theoretical foundation is built via online learning, while the practical application is held in a classroom setting.

Unit of competency details

PUAEMR031 –  Design emergency management exercises

  • Determine exercise purpose
  • Design and plan exercise activities
  • Assess exercise risks
  • Plan resource allocation

PUAEMR008B – Contribute to an emergency risk management process

  • Clarify the community context
  • Apply the community risk management methodology
  • Develop risk statements and treatment options
  • Promote ownership of the process and outcomes
  • Work cooperatively with other participants and stakeholders

Benefits of This Course

  • Training aligned with industry standards, workplace requirements and skill sets
  • Resources and materials that may include workbooks, guides and/or slides

Course Facilitators

Your qualified facilitators have extensive experience working at airports in war zones, dealing with airfield emergencies, as well as aviation-related supply chain, security, quality, and business continuity crises.  In Australia, our facilitators have managed crises in commercial organisations as well as performed leadership roles in government agency disaster management.  Currently, they run Phoenix Resilience a service provider in emergency plan development and exercise delivery.
You can find more information about your instructors here:

Nationally Recognised Training Organisation

Southpac Aerospace – ID32353  is approved to meet standards set for RTO training.  Our organisation is consistently upgrading and improving our course material through participant feedback and authority auditing processes.  This framework ensures you are receiving the highest level of training within the industry.

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Do you need help building your ERP?

Southpac Aerospace is collaborating with Phoenix Resilience to provide a premium service in both ERP document development and exercise delivery.  If you are not sure where to start with your Emergency Response Plan, contact us now to find out more.

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