Human Factors Training

Understanding how people interact in complex environments, managing performance and providing effective leadership under challenging conditions is not just desirable – it is essential.

Human Factors is a critical, yet sometimes poorly understood component of complex socio-technical systems, such as aviation. Safety critical personnel may have been exposed to Human Factors training in aviation for some years. However, that is generally not the case for most managers. This is especially the case for those outside the aviation domain. Most industries, and especially those which are considered high-risk, involve complex interactions between the people, the equipment, the procedures, and the environment they operate in. These interactions are critical in managing safety, efficiency and in some cases business continuance.

Southpac’s Human Factors & HOP Courses

Southpac offers a comprehensive Human Factors training program, including Human & Organisational Performance (HOP) courses. The program is designed to address the specific needs of the various operationally unique sectors of the Aviation industry and other high risk, or high reliability industries. Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of not only all aviation sectors, but also management across a wide range of other industries. All of our in-house courses are customised to address the operational safety and Human Factors issues faced by each client.

Our HOP & Human Factors courses are run on a public or in-house basis, including:

Each aviation Human Factors course is aligned with the relevant CASA regulations and feature a highly interactive and engaging approach to delivery. As a result, this improves the effectiveness of the training program and truly aids the development of non-technical skills.

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