Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Course
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2 Day Course
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There are hundreds of human behaviour variables which affect the operations of any air carrier. These include both internal operations and client/passenger-facing processes. Sometimes, human error can have critical consequences. Many studies attribute up to 80% of critical incidents to human error. Other aviation roles including passenger/customer service, can be optimised through focusing on human factors.

With effective training, you can ensure risk is minimised. Topics including error models, discipline, knowledge, distraction, stress/fatigue, resources and training are all important, and are all touched on in our aviation human factors courses. Participants will learn important definitions and processes such as error and violation, decision making and conflict resoltuion and how the culture of the organisation can affect outcomes.

Southpac offers a comprehensive human factors training program that addresses the specific needs of the various operationally unique sectors of the Aviation Industry. Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of each aviation sector and all of our in-house courses are customised to address the operational safety and human factors issues faced by each client.

As well as this Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Course Part 145 Initial 2-day, Southpac also runs:

  • Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Course (Part 145 Refresher 1-day)
  • Human Factors for Managers Course (2-days)
  • General Aviation Introduction to Human Factors (Non Part 145 – 1-day)
  • Ground Operations Introduction to Human Factors (1-day)
  • Human & Organisational Performance (1-day)

Each aviation human factors course is aligned with the relevant CASA regulations and feature a highly interactive and engaging approach to delivery. This improves the effectiveness of the training program and truly aids the development of non-technical skills.

What are some quick facts about this Explore Humans Factor for Aviation course?
This course aligns with CASA Part 145 requirements & EASA 145 requirements for Human Factors Training.

Delivery methods  In-House through our Live Learning Virtual Classroom

Duration & workload   2-Days, with homework completed through the course

Who should attend Southpac’s 2-day Aviation Maintenance Human Factors course?
This course has been developed for:

    • LAME’s & AME’s
    • Quality & Safety Managers,
    • Maintenance & Engineering Managers,
    • Other Operational Maintenance Staff
  • Introduction to Human Factors
  • Human Behavior     
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Sleep and Fatigue
  • Other Factors Affecting Performance
  • Understanding Error & Violations
  • Safety Culture
  • Communication 
  • Situational Awareness

This course aligns with CASR Part 145 requirements & EASA 145 requirements for Human Factors Training.

If your organisation is CASR Part 145 approved, you are required to provide Human Factors training for your maintenance personnel. This course aligns with the latest regulations. If your personnel have never undertaken a Part 145 Human Factors Training course they must attend the 2-day Introduction to Human Factors course. The staff that have attended a Part 145 HF Introduction course are required to undertake refresher training every 2 years. These personnel may attend the 1-day Refresher.

We Are A Nationally Recognised Training Organisation

Southpac Aerospace – ID32353  is approved to meet standards set for RTO training.  Our organisations is consistently upgrading and improving our course material through participant feedback and authority auditing processes.  This framework ensures you are receiving the highest level of training within the industry.

We provide you with

Highly trained and engaged facilitators to make the most of your study.  Our trainers all have extensive experience not only as trainers and auditors but also within industry areas including Defence, Major airlines, General Aviation and Manufacturing & Maintenance organisations,

Training aligned with industry standards, workplace requirements and skill sets,

Resources and materials that may include workbooks, guides and/or slides.

Ongoing support for developing your career pathways!

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Course Overview:

Duration: 2 Days

Delivery: In-House or Public
Contact us to arrange in-house training

Course Investment: $995 per person

Course Summary:
The aim of this course is to give candidates an introduction to Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance, as required for all EASA or CASR Part 145 approved organisations. The course explores the implications for safety of human error, an organisation’s safety culture, procedures and methods of communication.

Southpac helps save time & money studying In-House Corporate Training your way, with Live and Virtual or Face-to-face options available.

What our clients say about this course

Rob the instructor was excellent and engaged the class well. He used great material to ensure the class was involved and could take a lot away from it. I think this was the best human factors course I have completed to date.

Ken Auld, Senior Base Engineer, Leonardo

I enjoyed how the video examples showed ‘in-house’ incidences and how they have occured. That was very beneficial.

Mackay, QLD, Manager

The part, such as the PEAR model of communication plays in controlling and preventing errors. This course identified the benefits of communication in all aspects of work.

Nowra, Engineer

Its amazing how much sleep deprivation and fatigue plays a part in our day to day life.

Nowra, LAME

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