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Why we are here

To be successful, aviation organisations need to know their stuff. They must have effective systems and processes in place. People need to know their organisational processes and systems, but, more importantly, they need to be involved. People who are empowered to do the right thing can contribute to significant improvements in the way an organisation works.

Successful organisations are those who achieve the right balance of effective leadership, workforce involvement, engagement and system reliability. Over-reliance on any one element will leave an organisation weakened, and potentially vulnerable.

In an industry and in an age where complexity and dynamic change is increasing, and customers demand more than ever before, aviation organisations need to maximise the benefit they derive from their systems, and the tools and methods they use to implement and improve them.

Southpac Aerospace has been established to assist aviation organisations and leaders to get the very best; from their people and from their systems. This involves challenging existing norms and, at times, being willing to do things differently. In order to continually improve and achieve true innovation as an organisation, people need to be seen as the solution to organisational problems, not the cause. Employees need to be given the opportunity to prove their value and abilities; only when people, clients and other stakeholders are seen as true collaborators and partners will an organisation achieve lasting success.

Southpac Aerospace is committed to equipping organisations with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to create a culture that fosters and develops these approaches. We believe that quality, safety, risk and reliability go hand in hand with effective leadership, strong organisational culture and a happy and empowered workforce.

We believe this passionately and will strive to help your organisation feel the same way. Most significantly however, we strive to educate, to lead and to inspire.

Our Mission

Our team is passionate and committed to making a difference for our clients and to making a meaningful contribution to aviation safety, both domestically and globally. We focus on the importance of effective leadership, involving people and promoting a strong healthy culture. This dedication and focus underpins our collective values, and guides and drives us in every aspect of our business.

Southpac have long been considered specialists in the development and application of aviation management systems. Our team can assist with the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of your organisations management systems. Combined with our world leading management systems training, Southpac can provide the full range of potential management systems assistance. Our management systems development services include:

  • Management Systems development and implementation for quality, safety, WHS and environment
  • Systems reviews, restructures and integration projects
  • Technology integrations for system and process management

Certifications, Accreditations & Affiliations

We have well established management systems and hold ISO9001:2015 Certification.

We are an Australian Registered Training Organisation (Registration 32353) and offer Nationally Recognised Training including several Diploma’s and a Cert IV.

Southpac Aerospace are proud founding members of the Asia-Pacific RPAS Consortium.

Our management systems and lead auditor courses are certified by Exemplar Global and allow for professionals to gain recognition as Exemplar Global registered auditors.

Southpac is proud to be a Diamond level corporate member and supporter of the Safety Institute of Australia.

Aviation Advisors

Southpac Aerospace Services



Southpac’s aviation-specific training courses have been developed to appeal to personnel from all levels within an organization and aim to equip such persons to manage and support their organization’s quality and safety programs. Training programs include;

We are specialists in Aviation Quality, Aviation SMS & Aviation Management Training. We can customise a training program to suit your specific operational needs and to suit the audience.


Audit and Assurance

We can provide the following aviation auditing services for fixed & rotary wing operators and all supporting maintenance and service providers;

  • Carryout Third-Party Audits of your organisation or of the operators that you utilise
  • Provide an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness of your Quality/OH&S/Environmental or Safety Management System’s
  • Audit your Suppliers and Subcontractors based upon your criteria
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Contract Reviews
  • Service Provider Safety and Compliance audits,


Southpac Aerospace is a leading provider of aviation consulting and advisory services to both aviation companies and to the organisations that rely on reputable, safe aviation operators. Our experienced team provide a comprehensive range of services to support the management of aviation operations. Our core consulting and advisory services include;

  • Management Systems development
  • Manuals and expositions development
  • Aviation Advisors
  • Safety Innovation

Safety Innovation

Southpac Quality and Compliance

Southpac aerospace have a Future Focus with continually improving moto.

Quality Policy

Southpac Aerospace was established to assist all elements of the aviation industry to understand, implement and continually improve their quality and safety management systems. Our services include training, mentoring, auditing and management systems certification. Southpac aims to provide world-class services that are responsive to customer and industry needs.

To help facilitate this aim Southpac has implemented an integrated management system that is compliant with ISO9001, ISO17021, the VET Quality Framework and the Exemplar Global TPECS-requirements. Compliance with these standards is monitored on a continual basis.

To achieve continual improvement of our processes and services, Southpac management has set objectives that will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

We aim to ensure that all our personnel are competent and continually trained to assist with the latest developments and initiatives taking place within the aviation industry. We encourage and support the professional development of our staff and believe that, as a team, we are far more effective. All personnel are expected to play their part and contribute to the positive culture of the company, expressing their ideas, sharing their experiences and collaborating to continually improve the way we work.

Andy Shone
Chief Executive Officer

Aviation Advisors

Southpac Aerospace Team

Andy Shone
Andy ShoneChief Executive Officer
Andy has been leading Southpac in the capacity of CEO since 2014 and had previously held the role of General Manager for four years. In this time Southpac has grown to become the region’s leading provider of aviation safety services. As an experienced facilitator, Andy has been recognised for his passionate delivery and focus on student engagement. He has overseen the development of many new courses and the implementation of comprehensive Safety and Leadership training programs. Andy is also an active lead auditor and consultant and has conducted hundreds of audits and led the implementation of management systems for over 30 diverse organisations.
Richard Bucknell
Richard BucknellSouthpac Aerospace Founder
With over 30 years experience working with Quality Management Systems, Richard has the experience, knowledge and passion to work with almost any organisation. Richard’s background in the management specialists industry gives him a unique capacity to relate to real-life problems his listeners may be experiencing. His facilitative approach helps them to not only find the answers but also see how to apply what they learn practically in their own working environment.

As a trainer, Richard has the unique ability to relate to people from all walks of life and to deliver his material in such a way that can make anyone enthusiastic, interested and informed.

Annemette Kilpatrick
Annemette KilpatrickOffice Manager & Course Coordinator
Annemette has worked for Southpac since 2007 and, aside from being the main contact for all clients, manages the marketing, coordination, after course administration and exam marking of all Southpac courses. Annemette has coordinated hundreds of courses and has developed close working relationships with many clients and participants. With an extensive administrative background and a natural talent for coordination and planning, Annemette knows every detail of each course run by Southpac. Annemette has completed diploma qualifications in quality auditing, management and training and assessment.
Amanda Shone
Amanda ShoneSystems Consultant
Amanda is a qualified and passionate business systems consultant with experience working with a range of organisations, from Government Departments to international boutique agencies. With a degree in business and several further qualifications in auditing, management and training, Amanda has helped organisations both in Australia and overseas to implement effective and efficient systems and to manage these systems in a way that will foster continual improvement.
Phil Robertson
Phil RobertsonLead Auditor and Consultant
Phil is an experienced aviation safety auditor, and has conducted many audits, including evaluation of compliance and/or conformity with the international standards and recommended practices, industry-standard audit programs, such as IS-BAO, FSF BARS, WYVERN, and client-specified requirements, including IAGSA and IOGP. His experience in a wide variety of geographic and cross-cultural environments, including Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, South Africa, Timor Leste, United Arab Emirates, USA and Yemen.
Rebecca Gil
Rebecca GilTraining Manager
Prior to joining the Southpac Team, Bec travelled the world for six years working as Senior Cabin Services Manager for an award-winning international airline based in Dubai. Bec has a Masters in Aviation Management and has lived and worked in various countries including England, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brunei and Japan. As Training Manager, Bec is directly involved with all our courses and their continual development and improvement.
Libby BakewellFacilitator and Human Factors Specialist

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David MunnsFacilitator & Lead Auditor

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Luis GilCertification Coordinator

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Matt McKayFacilitator & Aviation SMS Specialist

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Trevor BockTrainer & Lead Auditor

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Mike HutchinsonFacilitator & Aviation SMS Specialist

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Derek LongCourse Facilitator and Aviation Safety Specialist

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Bob KellsTraining Facilitator

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Doug MaddocksConsulting Facilitator

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Rob RussellBusiness Development & Training Facilitator

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Kiri TarehaAdministrative and Personal Assistant

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Bernadette SurvesonQuality & Safety Consultant

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At Southpac Aerospace we believe that only when people, clients and other stakeholders are seen as true collaborators and partners will an organisation achieve lasting success.

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