Tools to successfully improve and grow your organisation 


Like building blocks that highlight growth, Southpac’s Systems for Continual Improvement course identifies & defines opportunities for improvement.

Whatever your organisation is going through, it’s always a good time to look at new ways to improve. To do that, you need the insights, skills and techniques to help you and your team manage any complexity that you may encounter.

It’s safe to say every business – no matter what size or industry – has been through unprecedented challenges in 2020. Organisational resilience is not achieved by being reactive. What if you could improve continuously, across the board, by being innovative and proactive? Critically, what if you could change before your competitor does?

Where continuous improvement is built into your systems and processes, success follows. Southpac’s Systems for Continual Improvement course identifies and defines opportunities for improvement – beyond those typically used in business. Further, it introduces the most current ideas, skills and tools to help organisations ensure successful improvement and growth.

The course covers several types of continuous improvement systems and processes. Over four days, you’ll also explore the benefits of an innovative work environment. As well as, investigate and review knowledge management systems, and understand the importance of sustainability.

Additionally, we also delve into some of the most successful companies on the planet to see how they continue to break barriers and constantly strive for improvement.

With a strong focus on people, quality and leadership, Southpac’s course challenges the status quo and presents some valuable tools to allow participants to see things from a different perspective.

You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools, and expect to be in business tomorrow!”

Who should attend?

Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors working in an operational or administrative environment who are responsible for the day-to-day management of an organisation’s management system. This would include purchasing, human resources, senior management and quality assurance personnel.

Safety, Quality & Compliance Managers in an operational or administrative environment who are responsible for ensuring that organisational & operational compliance is maintained. This is to say, whilst continually improving performance.

Lead & Internal Auditors looking to further develop their knowledge of effective systems management and continual improvement.

Why SCI?

By completing Southpac’s Safety and Lead Auditors Course and the Systems for Continual Improvement Course, you can achieve the Diploma of Quality Auditing. You can then use the units of competency obtained to work towards another Southpac Diploma! In effect, gaining more qualifications in less time.

You’ll also take away a suite of practical approaches and valuable methods to build engagement and commitment through a more proactive workforce. In short, you can enhance your organisation straight away. In addition, the SCI course includes complimentary enrollment in the Online Introduction to ISO9001 & Quality Management Systems Course.

Here’s what some of our past course participants had to say about the Systems for Continual Improvement Course:

“The material has been spot on and delivery superb”

“Lots of group activities that reinforced the objectives”

“There were many eye-opening and fascinating methods to facilitate and improve both simple and complex processes at work”

Upcoming Course Dates
Systems for Continual Improvement

15 – 18 February, 2021 | LIVE Learning Virtual Classroom
22 – 25 March, 2021 | Face-to-Face | Brisbane