Supporting the Aviation Community

Southpac is supporting several initiatives for the aviation community

Southpac is proud to be supporting a number of initiatives throughout October that are focused on improving safety and quality in aviation.

Each year in October, Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) runs National Safety Month, a dedicated safety campaign targeting key areas of safety focus. This year, the spotlight will be on Safety Management Systems and as a leading specialist for over 20 years in SMS training and system development. Southpac is proud to throw our support behind this initiative.

We’ll be giving away a place on our coveted Aviation SMS Course to one member of RAAus. So, keep an eye on their member channels for details on how to win, or view the National Safety Month page.

And calling all female aviators! Southpac is excited to be included in the Women in Aviation (Australian Chapter) 2022 Scholarship Program with the Southpac Course Scholarship.

This scholarship award is designed to financially assist a member who wants to launch or advance their career in Aviation Quality, Safety or Management. In addition, We are offering a $3000 credit for the winning applicant to put towards training to start a new role or enhance an existing one.

Interested in applying or know a superstar starting or advancing in the aviation industry? Apply here before 18 November, 2022.