Southpac launches Aerodrome Reporting Officer Course for AROs

An aerodrome reporting officer benefits from the training received in Southpac Aerospace's new Aerodrome Reporting Officer Course.

A new course to support aerodrome operators with the training required for AROs.

Southpac Aerospace has launched a new Aerodrome Reporting Officer Course to support aerodrome operators with the training required for AROs to carry out the tasks prescribed by aerodrome legislation.

The course has been designed to meet the requirements of the Part 139 (Aerodromes) Manual of Standards 2019 and the national competency standards that are supported by CASA. It covers topics including inspecting and reporting on various elements of aerodrome operations, driving on the airside and operating aeronautical radio.

On completion, participants will achieve 8 units of competency towards the AVI30119 Certificate III in Aviation (Aerodrome Operations), and these 8 units form the AVISS00053 skillset and establish the skills and knowledge requirements for an Aerodrome Reporting Officer. The course also includes Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) accreditation.

Southpac CEO Andy Shone, said the ARO Course would provide another much-needed opportunity for Southpac to support the training needs of the aviation industry. “The addition of an ARO Course to our training options will undoubtedly benefit our existing clients and go further to support the many aerodrome operators around the country.

“We’re pleased to have developed this course with a very experienced facilitator in this field, Annette James, so that we can offer the most practical, up to date course that brings real value to the participants.”

Southpac’s Aerodrome Reporting Officer Course will be delivered as a public course, but can also be run in-house as an option for those looking to train personnel onsite at their own facility.

Southpac can also provide non-accredited training for those tasked with inspecting and reporting on uncertified aerodromes, where the full ARO skillset is not required.