Southpac expands services in Western Australia

Southpac opens Perth office to expand audit, assurance and advisory services in Western Australia

Southpac Aerospace is establishing a new office in Perth and expanding our aviation audit and assurance capabilities with a team located on the west coast.

As a leading provider of audit, assurance and advisory services to the aviation sector, we are excited to expand our team in WA. We now have establish a permanent Southpac office in Perth.

Our WA team includes highly regarded and experienced aviation auditors and advisors. That is to say, we have expanded our capabilities to aviation operators and organisations that use aviation services within their operations, particularly resource, mining, and oil and gas companies in Western Australia.

As part of our expansion, we are excited to announce the appointment of Leslie McChesney as our WA State Manager. Leslie is a highly valued member of the aviation community and brings her extensive skills in auditing and advisory to the Southpac team.

State border closures and lock downs have provided countless challenges to operators and service providers alike over the past two years. Therefore, having a permanent team based in Perth will now allow Southpac to deliver the highest quality audits, investigations and advisory services to industry with local capacity.

Our team in Perth will hit the ground running with several major WA clients already secured, demonstrating the demand for the reputation Southpac has established throughout the region.