How to add your Southpac Education to LinkedIn


If you've completed a Southpac course or Diploma at any time, you can now add your qualifications to the Education section of your LinkedIn profile.

If you’ve completed a Southpac course or Diploma at any time, you can now add your qualifications to the Education section of your LinkedIn profile.

We know that now more than ever, it’s important for our course participants to receive recognition for the courses and units of competency you have completed with Southpac. Many of our past students have completed multiple courses or Diplomas in aviation that are globally recognised.

These skills and qualifications should be recognised wherever you go – whether you are continuing in your role or searching for new opportunities. So, now you can easily add them to your LinkedIn profile.

Adding a Course or Qualification to your LinkedIn Profile

Navigate to the Education section of your profile, click + (Add) and select Southpac Aerospace as the School. Continue to enter the details of your course or Diploma and click ‘Save’. Add each qualification you have completed with Southpac as a separate entry.

That’s it! Get the recognition you deserve for the skills and competencies you’ve earned through your Southpac training to boost your digital presence.

Where to next?

Have you been grounded due to the Covid-19 pandemic? You can still keep your education moving with Southpac. We are continuing to offer our globally recognised, industry-leading courses regularly through our Live Learning Virtual Classroom. Most importantly, providing a safe, convenient virtual training option no matter where you are. You can log in and learn from anywhere, step towards a Diploma and upskill for a new future.

Our Stepping Stone Approach means that after completing even one of our popular courses, such as the Safety & Lead Auditors Course, the units of competency you attain can be used towards each of our Diploma qualifications. Generally, you will only need to complete one or two more courses to achieve the Diploma of Quality Auditing. Additionally, you can continue completing further industry-relevant courses to obtain the units of competency for the Diploma of Leadership & Management. Likewise, you can also work towards the Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management). Each Diploma you complete helps you step towards the next. This is to say, you can gain more qualifications in less time and save money through our Stepping Stone Approach!

An aviation staff member made redundant due to Covid-19 enjoys his coffee while enrolled in one of Southpac Aerospace’s industry-leading online courses.

For anyone in the industry that has been made redundant or lost your job in aviation, Southpac Aerospace is here to provide support to aviation industry professionals. We are offering our courses at a discount to anyone who has recently been made redundant – or is facing redundancy – saving you up to $600 off each course.

Payment Plans are also available for those needing extra assistance at this time (fees apply). Payment installment options are flexible for those looking to complete multiple courses or a Diploma, so don’t hesitate to ask what’s possible.

Talk to our team today by calling +61 7 5533 9988 or emailing