Diploma requirements are changing soon

A Southpac student holds up her university cap after completing the newly required 12 units of competency in line with the changes to the Business Services Training Package.

Diploma requirements are changing in April 2022. If you are a current or future Southpac student, this news could affect you.

Changes to the nationally recognised Business Services Training Package were announced on 19 October, 2020. This is important news if you have completed a Southpac course or are planning to enrol in the future, and hope to use your units of competency to work towards a Southpac Diploma.

What’s changing?

From Tuesday 19 April 2022, these previously announced changes to the Business Services Training Package will come into effect.

Most significantly, the BSB50920 Diploma of Quality Auditing will require 12 units of competency instead of the current 8. Southpac Aerospace will be introducing a new course – Managing Aviation Compliance . This new course will provide the additional 4 units towards this Diploma, and the fastest way to complete the new Diploma of Quality Auditing in 3 courses.

Several new units will be required for the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management, including 2 new core units. These will be included in our Systems for Continual Improvement and Advanced Management & Leadership courses once the new Diploma comes into effect. For anyone who has already completed either of these courses and is still working towards the Diploma of Leadership and Management, we have plans in place to assist you with the additional requirements.

These changes to the Business Services Training Package will have a minor impact to anyone wishing to complete the AVI50119 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management). Several units required for this Diploma will be transitioned to online modules to reflect the changes in the other Diplomas. Therefore, they will still be accessible and easy to complete for existing students continuing their Diploma of Aviation Management after April.

We are working to make the Diploma journey as seamless as possible for our existing students in light of the changes coming in at a national level. We’ll continue to personalise our support and provide the best possible pathway for every individual, depending on your circumstances.

Ultimately, these changes will improve the quality of our training, and equip the aviation industry with better skills to surge ahead in the coming years.

What this means for you

You can enrol in any upcoming Southpac course and begin working towards your Diploma at any time. Whether you are completing one or multiple Diplomas before or after April, Southpac will provide personalised support through the transition as changes take effect. If you have completed a Southpac course in the past, such as our Safety and Lead Auditors Course, Aviation SMS or Systems for Continual Improvement Course and want to obtain a Diploma before April, contact us to discuss your training options.

Anyone who has already completed the BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing or the BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership & Management will maintain their qualification. They will not be required to upgrade or undertake any further training for the qualification to remain valid.

A group throw up their mortarboard hats at Graduation after contacting Southpac Aerospace to find out how they could complete their Diplomas sooner.

Don’t miss out on advancing your qualifications! Enrol in any upcoming Southpac course to start your Diploma, or existing students talk to us about completing your current Diploma sooner.