6 Aviation SMS Courses Scheduled for 2020 


Two Aircrew evaluate an aircraft with new skills after studying Systems for Continual Improvement with Southpac Aerospace.

6 Aviation SMS Courses Throughout NZ, AU and Pacific

It’s exciting when we can announce the dates for our courses. And it’s great to be offering the Aviation SMS course in a range of locations in Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

About the Aviation SMS Course

This Aviation SMS Course is a complete SMS package. It includes essential safety fundamentals concepts required for SMS, where SMS has evolved from, why it is required and what each component and element mean. Most importantly, the course details how your SMS should work as a system, and not just the sum of individual elements.

It also discusses ICAO input and NAA State Safety Program requirements. There is information on the critical need for safety culture and the Human Factors required to effect this. The course will also include how to implement SMS and what is required to make it compliant. There is a combination of theory, case studies and practical exercises to fully optimise the learning experience.

The New Zealand courses are specifically designed around the CAA NZ SMS structure and compliance requirements.

This course incorporates latest materials and case studies as well as taking an innovative approach to delivery through the utilisation of a dedicated SMS training website. Participants will gain more value than ever before with post course access to the course website and a host of templates and guidance information.

Getting a Diploma?

Did you know the aviation SMS course has 4 AQF Units of Competency attached to it?

  1. BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement
  2. BSBINN502 Build and sustain an innovative work environment
  3. BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system
  4. BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

So, explore our full range of aviation courses and integrate these into a Southpac Diploma. Our courses dove-tail with our three Diploma packages, designed in a ‘Stepping Stone Approach’.

The Stepping Stone Approach allows you to start any qualification at any point with any course you wish. Then progressing at your own pace to complete courses most relevant to you or your organisation’s needs. Explore each of popular ways to gain each of the Southpac Aerospace Diplomas of Quality Auditing, Leadership & Management; and Aviation Management by visiting our website.

Why Choose Southpac Aerospace

We provide aviation-specific courses, built around the requirements of the industry. Our trainers all have extensive experience not only as trainers and auditors but also within industry areas including Defence, Major airlines, General Aviation and Manufacturing & Maintenance organisations. Workbooks and training materials are provided.

In-house training can be tailored to your own operational requirements.