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Course Overview

Aviation law training addresses the day-to-day legal issues that aviation professionals and managers face in their workplaces. Therefore, This course is equally applicable and assessable for non-lawyers (aviation practitioners) and lawyers (or law students). It provides practical information and guidance to ensure aviation personnel can effectively deal with legal and regulatory issues and know when to seek legal advice.

Duration: 5 days

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Course Summary: Law training in aviation addresses the day-to-day legal issues that aviation professionals and managers are confronted with in their workplace. This course provides practical information and guidance to ensure aviation personnel are able to effectively deal with legal and regulatory issues and to know when they should seek legal advice.

This Aviation Law course has been developed specifically for those aviation professionals currently working in aviation and associated industries. Additionally, the course satisfies the requirements of pilots, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers, managers, and airport operators regarding their workplace duties and associated legal and regulatory responsibilities. Comparatively, International and domestic aviation legal systems are examined, and strategies are provided to assist participants in reducing personal and corporate liability.

This course also provides a general overview of the law and legal systems, including contract and tort law and corporate and criminal law areas. Students undertaking aviation-related studies would benefit from this course as it presents all the areas of the law that influence aviation activities.

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Aviation Law Course Program

Module 1 – Introduction – course overview, aims and learning outcomes
Module 2 – The development of aviation law
Module 3 – Law and legal systems
Module 4 – The regulation of aviation
Module 5 – Contract law
Module 6 – Tort law
Module 7 – Employment and industrial law
Module 8 – Criminal law
Module 9 – Commercial law
Module 10 – Carriage by air
Module 11 – Airline Operations
Module 12 – Maintenance organisations
Module 13 – Aviation security
Module 14 – Airport operations
Module 15 – Air Traffic Management
Module 16 – Safety management and accident investigation
Module 17 – Aviation and the environment
Module 18 – Summary and examination

Each of the courses participants will receive a comprehensive course Manual, a copy of International Aviation Law: A Practical Guide Bartsch R, Ashgate Publishing (UK) 2012 and pre-course reading guide.

The Aviation Law course is equally applicable and assessable for both non-lawyers (aviation practitioners) and lawyers (or law students). Attendees would include senior executives and managers (non-lawyers) from airlines, airports, Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs), National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and aviation-related organisations. Conversely, this course is also for aviation practitioners such as pilots, aircraft engineers, and air traffic controllers.

Although no prior legal training is required or assumed, the course is structured such that lawyers will benefit from their prior knowledge and additional references and readings provided. In particular, it will provide lawyers with an “operation perspective” of applying aviation law in the Australian aviation industry.

The course aims to equip students, aviation professionals and managers with the legal knowledge required to operate more effectively and with more confidence in the legal issues and consequences of their actions in the aviation industry or work within associated industry sectors.

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