Southpac continues support for Little Wings safety program

Flight Coordinator, Brock Badman, enrols in Southpac’s virtual Safety and Lead Auditors Course as Southpac’s partnership with Little Wings grows.

Southpac Aerospace’s partnership with Little Wings continues to grow, with further training to support the charity’s safety program.

When not-for-profit organisation Little Wings first called Southpac to seek support during the Covid pandemic in 2020, we knew we wanted to do all we could to allow the charity to continue their important work safely transporting sick children and their families from regional New South Wales to attend vital medical treatment.

Our partnership began, with Southpac providing Lead Auditor training to their volunteer Safety Officer. When their new Flight Coordinator, Brock Badman, commenced in his role in August 2021, we were also able to enrol Brock on our virtual Safety and Lead Auditors Course to complete this important training.

With a Bachelor of Aviation Management and Graduate Diploma in Flying from the University of New South Wales, Brock’s main role as Flight Coordinator is based around the logistical aspect of organising and transporting Little Wings families to their medical appointments. However as a busy and predominantly volunteer-led organisation, the Little Wings team are often required to wear several hats, with safety being at the forefront.

Following the Southpac Safety and Lead Auditors Course, Brock has taken many of the practical aspects of his learning on board. “The amount of practical knowledge I have gained from it is incredible,” he said. “I am genuinely excited to implement some simple audits into Little Wings to support quality and the importance of simple processes.”