Southpac Launches University Pathways

Southpac is excited to announce our Pathway Programs with 3 renown Universities in Australia.
We’re excited to announce our Pathway Programs with 3 renown Universities in Australia.  These articulation programs mean our students can use their Southpac diplomas to further their career goals!

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We have worked hard to bring our students the flexibility to align their completed Southpac Diploma qualifications with University articulation programs by using credit transfers and/or advanced standing.  Our Pathways partners include Griffith University, Southern Cross University, University of Southern Qld and are currently integrating Swinburne University into our portfolio.We’re proud to offer our students these pathway options to start their higher-learning journey.  To learn more about each University Pathway program available, please click here for more on each University’s Bachelor of Aviation Management course programs.

Benefits of University Pathways

  • Plan for study and career path in advance;
  • Enable a non-traditional entry to Higher Education by elevating a person’s university selection on the basis of their prior learning;
  • Provide greater support for people transitioning between different academic levels, cultures and technologies;
  • Build academic skills and confidence progressively over time and facilitate life-long-learning;
  • Reduce the overall cost and duration of a degree;
  • Allow students to use their prior vocational knowledge and skills to work their way through their degree; and
  • Reward personnel with multiple qualifications in the shortest possible time, improving employee promotion and increasing remuneration.

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Explore our full range of aviation courses and integrate these into a Southpac Diploma.
Our courses dove-tail with our three Diploma packages, designed in a ‘Stepping Stone Approach’.

  • Diploma of Quality Auditing
    • Diploma of Leadership & Management
      • Diploma of Aviation Management
The Stepping Stone Approach allows you to start any qualification at any point with any course you wish.   Then progressing at your own pace to complete courses most relevant to you or your organisation’s needs.

Why Choose Southpac Aerospace

We provide aviation-specific courses, built around the requirements of the industry.  Our trainers all have extensive experience not only as trainers and auditors but also within industry areas including Defence, Major airlines, General Aviation and Manufacturing & Maintenance organisations.  Workbooks and training materials are provided.

In-house training can be tailored to your own operational requirements.

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Our team is always happy to hear success stories, new ideas and discuss your course opportunities or in-house training programs.  Send us a short note!

At Southpac Aerospace we believe that only when people, clients and other stakeholders are seen as true collaborators and partners will an organisation achieve lasting success.

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