Our Annual Aircraft Accident Investigation Course is coming in June 2020

The case study of an aircraft crash in a dense forest studied during Southpac’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Course aids in improving safety performances for the industry.

We only run this course one time per year, so make sure to clear your calendar for these dates!

Findings from aircraft accidents assist in improving safety performances for the whole industry.   Contribute to safety in aviation by learning skills to make sense of the chaos.

Date: 15 – 17 June 2020
Location: Brisbane

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Course objectives include:

  • Understanding the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
  • Standards and Recommended Practices and how the ATSB complies with these requirements under Australian law.
  • How the ATSB interfaces with other Federal and State accident investigation agencies such as the Coroner, Police and other Aviation agencies, such as CASA and Airservices Australia.
  • Appreciation of the concept of ‘Just culture’ and its ramifications for other agencies seeking information from ATSB.
  • Awareness of the WHS requirements, Bloodborne Pathogens and Personal Protective Equipment, plus all current and emerging hazards.
  • Awareness of basic Human Factors issues in relation to aircraft accident investigation.
  • Overview of the basic fixed-wing and helicopter flight and control principles.

By the end of the course, you will have an awareness of:

  • Examining physical evidence, including the precautions necessary when differentiating between primary ‘causal’ evidence, and secondary ‘resultant’ evidence.
  • Understanding how to identify, collect, record and preserve accident evidence in a consistent manner.
  • Fundamentals for the ‘Writing of a final (ICAO Annex 13) report’.

$2,195.00AU +GST (3 Days)

Available in-house by arrangement or publicly, see Course Dates

There are no upcoming dates scheduled at this time.

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