Diploma FAQ’s

Below are a number of frequently asked questions in relation to the our Diploma Programs.

Which Qualification Should I Do First?

Southpac have developed our Diploma Programs using a “stepping stone approach”. This means that a student that wishes to complete the Diploma of Aviation Management will on the way to achieving that Qualification also achieve the Diploma of Quality Auditing and the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Which qualification you should complete first is effectively immaterial as completion of one qualification results in either completion of the others or completion of a significant portion of the others. This “stepping stone approach” allows students to start any qualification at any point with any course they wish and then progress from there at their own pace completing courses most relevant to them or their organisations needs.



See the relevant Diploma pages for further information relating to the structure of each qualification;

  1. Diploma of Quality Auditing
  2. Diploma of Leadership and Management
  3. Diploma of Aviation Management


Can I complete just one Diploma?

Of course! If you wish to complete just the Diploma of Quality Auditing (8 units required) that can be achieved through the completion of potentially just two courses, the Safety & Lead Auditors Course and the Systems for Continual Improvement Course. The great advantage that Southpac offer is that if in the future you decide to continue your studies you may be only one course away from the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Significantly, every accredited Southpac course provides units towards the Diploma of Aviation Management.

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