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Below are a number of frequently asked questions in relation to our Diploma Programs.

The purpose of the Diploma qualification type is to qualify individuals who apply integrated technical and theoretical concepts in a broad range of contexts to undertake advanced skilled or paraprofessional work and as a pathway for further learning.

Diploma qualifications are located at level 5 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 32353), Southpac Aerospace issues Diplomas that are designed and accredited to enable graduates to demonstrate the learning outcomes expressed as knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills specified in the level 5 criteria and the Diploma descriptor.

Southpac has developed our Diploma Programs using a “stepping stone approach”. This means that a student that wishes to complete the Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) will also achieve the Diploma of Quality Auditing and the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Which qualification you should complete first is effectively immaterial as completion of one qualification results in either completion of the others or completion of a significant portion of the others. This Stepping Stone Approach allows students to start any qualification at any point with any course they wish and then progress from there at their own pace completing courses most relevant to them or their organisation’s needs.

Alt: stepping stone approach graphic to our diplomas

See the relevant Diploma pages for further information relating to the structure of each qualification;

  1. Diploma of Quality Auditing
  2. Diploma of Leadership and Management
  3. Diploma of Aviation Management

Of course! If you wish to complete just the Diploma of Quality Auditing (8 units required) that can be achieved through the completion of potentially just two courses, the Safety & Lead Auditors Course and the Systems for Continual Improvement Course. The great advantage that Southpac offer is that if in the future you decide to continue your studies you may be only one course away from the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Significantly, every accredited Southpac course provides units towards the Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management).

Skill sets incorporate your capacity, knowledge and experience in performing a particular job.  By improving your skill set/s, you may enhance your ability to identify new career opportunities.  By matching your skill set to a certain profession, you will enhance your ability to make positive progress in your career choices.  Southpac Aerospace has identified two skill sets that are automatically available to you on successful completion of the full Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) AVI50119).

1.AVISSOOO71 Aviation Risk Management Skill Set Components

AVIFOO26 | Implement aviation risk management processes
AVIFOO27 | Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes

2.AVISS00072 Aviation Safety Management Skill Set Components

AVIFOO26 | Implement aviation risk management processes
AVIFOO27 | Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes
AVIFOO28 | Manage aviation risk
BSBAUD501 | Initiate a quality audit
BSBMGT517 | Manage operational plan

More information about skill sets and career pathways can be found here.

We know our course participants are studying with us for a variety of reasons and require many options to obtain their qualification.  Therefore, we developed five of our most popular study pathway options to help participants understand this process.  These pathway examples are not exhaustive of the possible ways to obtain a diploma and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your concerns and study needs.  For more information on each diploma study pathway options, please go to each of the diplomas on offer: 

  1. Diploma of Quality Auditing
  2. Diploma of Leadership and Management
  3. Diploma of Aviation Management

Fast Tracked | Our quickest and most efficient way to study a diploma.  Designed for those who are looking to quickly move to the next diploma or require their diploma in a timely manner.
Safety Focused | Targeted training to assist those who would like to upskill to a safety role.
WHS Focused | Centred on occupational, health and safety outcomes that are required for an WHS predominant role.
Flexi Focused | A predominantly online study option to allow flexibility in learning.  Please note: Both SCI and AML do require in-person or virtual facilitation.
People Focused | Themed towards managing personnel and management potentials.

We have articulation programs with a number of Universities in Australia.  Find out about our University pathway opportunities here.

Credit transfer is a process that provides students with agreed and consistent credit outcomes for components of a qualification based on identified equivalence in content and learning outcomes between matched qualifications. For more information on credit transfer, please see the AQF website or visit our RPL & Credit Transfer page for information specific to the Southpac process.

Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit. For more information on RPL, please see the AQF website or visit our RPL page for RPL kits and other information specific to the Southpac process.

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