Airline Auditor Refresher Course

Up-skill Your Audit Team

Available on an in-house basis.

Course Overview

This 2-day auditor refresher training course has been specially designed for qualified auditors working with the airline environment. The course is designed to not only refresh and crystallize existing knowledge but to also to hone auditing skills and realign to latest practice.

To ensure you get a training course that meets the specific needs of your organisation we will adapt a course to your specific needs, or you can request a completely tailored course to be developed for your organisation. We seek to truly understand the training requirements of your business so that any training we delivery will full meet your needs and satisfy any regulatory requirements.

Southpac Aerospace has a reputation for carrying out the most practical and up to date aviation auditor courses and ISO 9001 courses in the industry.


Course Program

Systems Refresher

  • QMS
  • QMS Vs SMS
  • ISMS

Auditing Techniques Refresher

  • The Audit Framework
  • Interview Techniques
  • Validation Methods and Techniques
  • The Difficult Auditee (Role Play)
  • Communication – Cross cultural

Report Writing

  • Report Format
  • Defining and Categorising Findings
  • Objective Evidence


  • Difficult ISARPS
  • eIOSA & ISM Rev. 8
  • Tips for IOSA conformance
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance


Why Choose Southpac Aerospace for your refresher training?

Consider some of the benefits;

  • Our courses are built around the specific requirements of the aviation industry,
  • Our trainers all have extensive experience not only as trainers and auditors but also within industry areas including Defence, Major airlines, General Aviation and Manufacturing & Maintenance organisations,
  • Assessments certified by Exemplar Global,
  • In-house courses can be tailored to your own operational requirements,