Getting Management Systems Certification

Getting Management Systems Certification

Whether you are looking for ISO 9001, 45001 and or 14001 certification for the first time or you are looking to change certification body, the steps below will be followed…

1. Contact Us – Get in touch and let us know where you’re at, what you’re after and how we can help. We will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the time and costs involved, all costs are included so there will be no nasty surprises.

2. Meet Your Audit Team – We will assign you a dedicated Lead Auditor who will be your main point of contact for all your certification and systems queries and support. We aim to provide you with a team who will understand the nature of your industry and can support you throughout the entire process from assessment, certification and management of your quality management system.

3. Training Options – To successfully manage your system you may need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills. Southpac Aerospace offer a wide range of training courses that will ensure you are able to get the most from your system – from systems implementation to general awareness of the various standards to internal auditing, our training courses are delivered by industry professionals with a passion for what they do.

4. Audit Process

Stage 1 Audit – We will carry out an initial audit of your system against the required standard. We will pinpoint any omissions or weaknesses in the system that need to be resolved before progressing to a full certification audit.

Stage 2 Audit – We’ll conduct a full audit of your organisation against the required standard. This  exercise will add value to your organisation and identify potential weaknesses and opportunities for improvement within your own system.

5. Beyond Your Certification – Once we have completed the audit you will be issued with a certificate of registration which clearly states the scope of your management system. Certification is valid for a three-year cycle and your auditor will visit you on a regular basis and will help to make sure your organisation maintains compliance. Your auditor will also offer support and assistance for the continual improvement of your systems.

For more information about the certification process and options for non-aviation organisations see Southpac Certifications.