Certifications Policies

Impartiality Statement

Southpac Aerospace is committed to managing impartiality in all its management system certification activities. The entire team at Southpac Aerospace understand the importance and role of impartiality in carrying out all our management system certification activities, in managing any conflicts of interest and ensuring the objectivity of its management system certification activities.

Southpac Aerospace will take all appropriate action to respond to any threats to its impartiality arising from the actions of other persons, bodies or organizations.

Andy Shone
Southpac Aerospace Chief Executive Officer


Southpac is a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body. For further details relating to our accreditation please see the JAS-ANZ website.

Accreditation by JAS-ANZ provides assurance to clients that Southpac Aerospace can be counted on to provide services in an authoritative and impartial way. With evidence that we have been approved by an independent third-party as a professional body, our clients can count on the fact that we will always act with integrity when certifying or inspecting for certification.


Complaints & Appeals

Southpac Aerospace retains full responsibility for all decisions at all levels of the complaints and appeals handling process.

Southpac Aerospace will ensure that the persons engaged in the complaints and appeals handling process are different from those who carried out the audits and who made the certification decisions. Review of the complaints and appeals will help to safeguard impartiality when dealing with the fore mentioned.

For more information see the Southpac Aerospace Complaints and Appeals Procedure