The Southpac Aerospace Team

The Southpac Aerospace Team

Andy Shone

Chief Executive Officer

Andy has been leading Southpac in the capacity of CEO since 2014 and had previously held the role of General Manager for four years. In this time Southpac has grown to become the region’s leading provider of aviation safety services. As an experienced facilitator, Andy has been recognised for his passionate delivery and focus on student engagement. He has overseen the development of many new courses and the implementation of comprehensive Safety and Leadership training programs. Andy is also an active lead auditor and consultant and has conducted hundreds of audits and led the implementation of management systems for over 30 diverse organisations.

Richard Bucknell

Southpac Aerospace Founder

With over 30 years experience working with Quality Management Systems, Richard has the experience, knowledge and passion to work with almost any organisation. Richard’s background in the management specialists industry gives him a unique capacity to relate to real-life problems his listeners may be experiencing. His facilitative approach helps them to not only find the answers but also see how to apply what they learn practically in their own working environment.

As a trainer, Richard has the unique ability to relate to people from all walks of life and to deliver his material in such a way that can make anyone enthusiastic, interested and informed.

Annemette Kilpatrick

Office Manager & Course Coordinator

Annemette has worked for Southpac since 2007 and, aside from being the main contact for all clients, manages the marketing, coordination, after course administration and exam marking of all Southpac courses. Annemette has coordinated hundreds of courses and has developed close working relationships with many clients and participants. With an extensive administrative background and a natural talent for coordination and planning, Annemette knows every detail of each course run by Southpac. Annemette has completed diploma qualifications in quality auditing, management and training and assessment.

Amanda Shone

Systems Consultant

Amanda is a qualified and passionate business systems consultant with experience working with a range of organisations, from Government Departments to international boutique agencies. With a degree in business and several further qualifications in auditing, management and training, Amanda has helped organisations both in Australia and overseas to implement effective and efficient systems and to manage these systems in a way that will foster continual improvement.

Phil Robertson Lead Auditor and Consultant Southpac Aerospace

Phil Robertson

Lead Auditor and Consultant

Phil is an experienced aviation safety auditor, and has conducted many audits, including evaluation of compliance and/or conformity with the international standards and recommended practices, industry-standard audit programs, such as IS-BAO, FSF BARS, WYVERN, and client-specified requirements, including IAGSA and IOGP.  His experience in a wide variety of geographic and cross-cultural environments, including Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, South Africa, Timor Leste, United Arab Emirates, USA and Yemen.

Rebecca Gil

Training Manager

Prior to joining the Southpac Team, Bec travelled the world for six years working as Senior Cabin Services Manager for an award-willing international airline based in Dubai. Bec has a Masters in Aviation Management and has lived and worked in various countries including England, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brunei and Japan. As  Training Manager, Bec is directly involved with all our courses and their continual development and improvement.

Libby Bakewell

Facilitator and Human Factors Specialist

In her 30 years in the aviation industry, Libby has worked in a number of areas including small flight training organisations, RPT operations and General Aviation charter companies through to airlines such as Qantas. She has held operational roles such as Flight Instructor, Line Pilot, Cabin Manager and training leadership roles including Human Factors Facilitator and Trainer.

Libby is experienced in both aviation auditing and ISO 9001 auditing and certification. With post-graduate qualifications in Management, Auditing, OHS and WHS, Libby is currently focused on promoting safety within aviation maintenance companies through a Human Factors training Program, which will meet CASA Human Factors Training compliance standards. Libby also has a keen interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the regulatory systems around this new area of aviation

David Munns

Facilitator & Lead Auditor

David is a licenced commercial pilot and helicopter pilot with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the aviation industry from GA to commercial and the Navy. David also has worked as a trainer to the Mining Industry, teaching and operating some of the largest dump trucks in the world. Career highlights include carrying out an operational and depot level maintenance on UH-1 ‘Huey’ and Eurocopter ‘Squirrel’ helicopters as well as F/A-18 Hornets, teaching as a Commercial Helicopter Theory Instructor for Advanced Flight Theory and working with Airways Aviation as the Senior Theory Instructor.

Luis Gil

Certification Coordinator

Luis’ background is in aviation, management and the defence, he has combined all of this experience to focus on the certification needs of Southpac clients. With qualifications in Management, Environmental Management, Auditing and Aviation, Luis is an experienced auditor and is responsible for all certification activities for Southpac. Luis has also worked in various countries throughout the globe and has experience working in the cabin service team of a major international airline.

Matt McKay

Facilitator & Aviation SMS Specialist

Matt is a trainer with Southpac specialising in Aviation Safety Management Systems. His background includes 15 years as a pilot and flying instructor with the Royal Australian Air Force. He then spent 8 years as a contractor in the Middle East training pilots and weapons system operators for the Royal Saudi Air Force.  On return to Australia he was the manager of all CASA Aviation Safety Advisors.  His current role is working for a US company providing Human Factors and SMS coaching on off-shore oil and gas rigs throughout Australasia.

Trevor Bock

Trainer & Lead Auditor

Trevor has over 25 year’s experience in commercial aviation and specialises in all aspects of aviation quality and safety management. His career has taken him through many roles within the industry including; Pilot, Instructor, Quality & Safety Lead Auditor, Fleet Manager, Safety Manager, Check & Training Captain, Flight Operations Manager and IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Lead Auditor.

His background is a benefit to the aviation industry as he is able to draw on his extensive knowledge of training, IT, business management, HR, quality management, safety management and flight operations. Over the past 8 year’s Trevor has been auditing with the IATA Operational Safety Audit Program as well as working as an auditor, consultant, trainer and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor for Southpac Aerospace.

Mike Hutchinson

Facilitator & Aviation SMS Specialist

Mike has over 35 years’ experience in aviation including a range of roles with defence, the private aviation sector and CASA.  Mike holds a Master’s Degree in Aviation Management and is an aviation safety management and human factors specialist, certified trainer and assessor. Mike has worked extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region and has held senior roles in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the Solomon Islands.  He has also worked in various United Nations’ projects and deployments, including India and East Timor.

Mike has developed and facilitated aviation safety and human factors courses, workshops and training programs for a wide range of organisations and audiences, including specialised programs for the Australian aviation regulator, CASA.

Derek Long Image

Derek Long

Course Facilitator and Aviation Safety Specialist

Having spent the last 5 yrs involved in Aviation Safety, Airworthiness and Organisational Continuous Improvement, Derek found his greatest passion was with Aviation training. Driven by organisational continuous improvement, healthy risk management solutions with just and fair safety culture, Derek completed studies in Training and Assessment, WHS, Continuous Improvement and Government investigations.  Derek also possesses qualifications as an Aviation Safety Officer and holds a Diploma in Quality Auditing.

Bob Kells

Training Facilitator

Bob’s investigation expertise relates to the airworthiness of the aircraft/helicopters involved in these accidents specifically in respect of mechanical failure.  He holds qualifications as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Private Pilot License, Diploma of Transport Safety Investigation and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

As a senior investigator Bob has participated in more than 180 on-site investigations including Fixed Wing and Helicopters. He was also an Investigator in Charge (IIC) or Group Leader for more than 70 on-site investigations including: 4 major transport safety investigations (Category 2).  These experiences bring Bob’s course facilitation to life.

Doug Maddocks

Consulting Facilitator

Currently working with the ADF, Doug facilitates the Safety & Lead Auditor (LA5) course and the Systems for Continual Improvement (SCI) course.

Rob Russell

Business Development & Training Facilitator

Robert has a wealth of experience in Safety Management & Training within commercial aviation.   With more than 20 years in the industry as an active crew, a training manager and a Human Factors specialist, he has a proven track record in leading and developing large teams throughout his career.  Born in Scotland and raised in Australia, he has worked most of his career across the globe, whereby he has established a comprehensive and real-life understanding of diversity and how best to overcome and nourish the challenges faced.  Since returning to Australia, Rob is busy developing an understanding of the Southpac way and loving being back in the sunshine.

Kiri Tareha

Administrative and Personal Assistant

Kiri is a seasoned personal assistant with a plethora of administration skills to drive and support the administration of the business.

Bernadette Surveson

Quality & Safety Consultant

Bernadette has extensive Quality Assurance experience in the Aviation Engineering industry.  Enjoying obtaining ISO standards for companies while promoting safety assurance, Bernadette is proficient in conducting  Internal and External Audits Implement/Manage/Audit Quality and Safety Management Systems.