For the next three sessions, Southpac will offering 2 for 1 on our Safety Investigators Course! We are so confident in the quality of our product we want as many people as possible to come and see it for themselves. The following sessions are currently scheduled and included in the offer;

Melbourne 25th-27th September 2017
Sydney 13th-15th November 2017
Brisbane 4th-6th December 2017

This course draws on the theories and approaches of contemporary safety leaders including Sidney Dekker, Erik Hollnagel and Todd Conklin. These and many others are considered and developed to provide an insightful and engaging learning experience.

When faced with an event or an adverse outcome organisations are confronted with a choice; investigate to blame and punish or investigate to learn and improve. This course firmly backs the latter. In an era where complexity and dynamic change is all around us, methods that avoid judgement and limit hindsight bias must be sought and utilised to achieve genuine system improvement.

Every participant receives a personal copy of Sidney Dekkers A Field Guide to Understanding ‘Human Error’. Key Human Factors concepts are integrated throughout the course.

Come and see why Southpac should be the trainer of choice for your investigation team!

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